Musical advent calendar

From 1st to 24th of December 2012, piazza del Duomo, one of Italy’s most famous squares, has been the stage for a unique show. The first ever Musical Advent Calendar has been created by EventAffair for the Austrian Tourism Board and thousands of people have attended the concerts that have taken place every evening. In fact, every day at 6pm the audience could see the opening of a new window that would unveil a new musician who joined the other components of an orchestra that saw the number of its musicians raising from 1 to 24 on the Christmas’ Eve. The strong relationship between EventAffair and the Municipality of Milan has made possible the event, being hosted by Milan’s Official Tourism offices. Also the city’s most important persons have attended the show, such as Mayor Giuliano Pisapia. Every evening the show was enriched by new musicians, but the audience had even the chance to taste original Austrian waffles, the famous Vienna’s Manner, spreading an authentic Austrian Xmas atmosphere all around the city center. Being the first ever musical Advent Calendar, the show has gained high visibility on national and international media, spreading the brand and the images of Milan’s city center on newspapers, tv channels and social media.

CLIENT  :  Austrian Tourist Board