KULTurLAND is a project thought up by Austria National Tourist Office that includes both traditional and contemporary tourist attractions, not famous yet among most of foreign visitors. Then it is possible to enjoy famous Gustav Klimt’s paintings and discover Horizon Field, the latest and stunning Antony Gormley’s artwork: 100 human-like metallic statues located in a 150 sq. kilometre area on Vorarlberg mountains. Traditional Jugendstil is constantly reflected in futuristic buildings like all the new contemporary art museums built in many major Austrian cities and Mozart’s music is mixed in Viennese streets with the electro sounds of some of the Europe’s most innovative clubs. KULTurLAND presentation took place in Milanese and Roman streets and pretended to be a symbol of the typical Austrian cultural mix. Five KULTurLAND ambassadors had the task to introduce Italian travellers to the KULTurLAND concept. For this event the five hostesses wore the brand new Landart by Schneiders coats, garments that mix traditional style with contemporary design. KULTurLAND pretends to be as much ecologic as possible, then the hostesses rode electric Segways for their tours through Milan and Rome. City centers were the areas in which citizens and tourists received information about Austrian cultural attractions.

CLIENT  :  Austrian Tourist Board