Mark Jenkins for Vienna Tourist Board

The world famous street artist Mark Jenkins, has been chosen for the new Vienna Tourist Board’s Italian campaign. His artworks, created for the public exhibition located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, has engaged with thousands of people that everyday have discovered and interacted with the sculptures and the photographic exhibition. The location is the famous and crowded street that links piazza del Duomo to the fashion district, focusing on a smart target with a passion for new media and contemporary culture. The large photographic exhibition displayed the best that Vienna can offer to every visitor and seven pictures were accompanied by Jenkins’ sculptures in an interaction that showed how the 5 senses are always stimulated in the Austrian capital. Jenkins’ popularity and the large photographic exhibition have attracted a high visibility on both the traditional and social media. We have created a campaign with prominent Italian bloggers that has engaged a large audience on social networks, but our communication aimed to traditional media as well, getting high visibility on the main national newspapers and magazines. Here you can find some links: Corriere della Sera Repubblica Panorama

CLIENT  :  Vienna Tourist Board