Experience Vienna in 3D – Milan

One of the biggest 3D projection in Milan ever with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan. The “Porta Garibaldi” in Milan was transformed into a Viennese wonderland using cutting-edge 3D projection technology for a magical public event. Thousands of people have attended the event, ensuring large visibility to “Vienna Now or Never” brand, thanks to the great excitement among audience. An important element of “Experience Vienna in 3D” has been the continuous interaction with people, extended to the main social networks, targeting customers who are keen to discover Vienna’s new contemporary attractions. Music, arts, environment and “joie de vivre”: these are the main themes that Milanese citizens have admired on Porta Garibaldi façade during projections. First day of projection has been enriched by unmistakable taste of Sacher©,creating a truly Viennese atmosphere.

CLIENT  :  Vienna Tourist Board