Vienna Street Art – Made in Milan

On 24th of April 2010 Milan city center saw the big event “Vienna Street Art made in Milan”, under the direction of the Italian pioneer of street art movement “Ivan” born in Milan and celebrated internationally. Together with his team, “Ivan” has rolled out in Via Dante a 70 feet long and 4.5 wide sheet of paper and invited passers-by to write or draw what came to their mind when thinking of Vienna. It was thus that Milan has created the large painting of street art “Vienna Street Art Made in Milan”, and more. At 6 pm, the big moment: the sheet with the painting of street art has been withdrawn, revealing beneath something that passers-by had created with their writing and their drawings: a message behind, or rather under, the artwork, which read: “VIENNA. Now or never “ ‘Return to the people, embrace them, meet them, to rediscover the world from below. Two cities such as Milan and Vienna, the cradle of the arts have gathered that day to rediscover themselves in the sign of a new epiphany of poetry that can bring men and art center “

CLIENT  :  Vienna Tourist Board